We always need volunteers! Please fill out the volunteer application form below, and we will email you after it has been approved.

Volunteers must be 14 or older, and minors must have a parent or guardian come in and sign a waiver.

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WAIVER: In consideration of volunteering with Project Purr Animal Rescue, Inc., I hereby agree that I am providing volunteer services to assist in pet care and adoptions. I understand (and/or have explained to my child) that neither Project Purr or any of its officers or staff are responsible for any illness or injury caused by any animal(s) that I come into contact with during my volunteer work. I agree to hold harmless and release from liability Project Purr should I become sick or injured from any animals as a result of my volunteer work.
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* For the safety of youth and home pets, Project Purr suggests that all volunteers take precaution after working with and handling animals, like washing and changing clothing after volunteer shifts.